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RADICATE sheep footrot solution.
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Footrot – The Disease

Footrot is a contagious bacterial disease in sheep which is caused by the organism Dichelobacter nodosus. There are many strains ranging from benign to virulent. The severity of disease is related to time of the year.

Conditions Necessary for Development of Footrot

There are predisposing factors such as:

The expression of virulence is governed by environmental factors such as moisture, pasture type and breed of sheep.

Industry Cost

The estimated cost to NSW industry is $50 Million annually. The significant effects on the flock are:

Footrot Score Chart

normal score1 score2
Normal Foot: There is normal skin between the claws, with no reddening or inflammation and no loss of hair. There is no exudate present. Score 1: Slight to moderate inflammation with some erosion between the claws. There is no under-running or erosion of the skin or horn.

Score 2: The skin between the claws is inflamed and raw. This condition may involve part, or all, of the soft horn on the inside of the claws. There is no under-running of the horn.


score3a score3b des1
Score 3a: Separation of the skin horn junction, with under-running extending no more than 5mm. Score 3b: Under-running no more than half way across the heel or sole.

Score 3c: More extensive under-running of the heel or sole but not extending to the outside edge of the sole of the claw.


des6 des5
Score 4: The under-running extends to the outside edge of the sole of the claw and involves hard horn.

Score 5: This is a severe form of the disease involving the sole, with extensive inflammation and under-running of the hard horn of the hoof.