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RADICATE sheep footrot solution.
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Hidden Costs of Footrot

“Hidden Costs of Footrot”

Footrot as a disease is a significant contributor to decreased farm income.  As most of this lost income is hidden, farmers are often not aware of the full financial impact of  a footrot outbreak. Lost income associated with living with footrot includes lower fleece weights, decreased lambing rates, increased mortality and fly strike. This lost income has been estimated to range between $10 to $15 per head per year on infected sheep. To eliminate the significant cost associated with a footrot outbreak it is essential to commence a early treatment program. Treatments with Radicate, a concentrated footrot solution for the control of spread, treatment and progressive eradication of all strains of footrot in sheep, will improve production ensuring income is maximised. When used in accordance with the label directions Radicate will cure infected sheep resulting in rapid improvement in body condition.

RADICATE not only cures footrot it can eradicate it completely from your flock for less than $1 per head.

Radicate offers a unique free field advisory service by supplying, prior to purchase, a free phone consultation from a qualified Radicate Field Adviser.

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