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RADICATE sheep footrot solution.
We are a proud Australian company and fully Australian made.

It Works!

“It Works!”

Radicate The Footrot Solution is effective in both the spread period and the non-spread period, allowing the commencement of an eradication program at any time of the year. Treatments with Radicate offer a minimum two (2) weeks residual protection from spread, thus minimising re-infection. As a result, an important managerial advantage is that treated sheep can be returned to contaminated pasture, giving the farmer a greater degree of flexibility in stock management. These features give the farmer the ability to eradicate the disease during a single season, thus minimising the production losses and associated costs of footrot.

One (1) part Radicate is diluted with ten (10) parts water to create a working strength solution that has no evident odour and mixes readily, with minimal agitation required. Any wool discolouration which may occur, is scourable in accordance with the Australian Wool Scouring standard AS 4054-1992.

Prior to footbathing it is necessary to pare all feet to a normal conformation, with care being taken to expose obvious pockets of infection. Repeated treatments with Radicate will not increase the difficulty of paring. Sheep are footbathed in the working strength solution for at least 15 minutes. Sheep happily stand in the diluted solution without any signs of irritancy. If multiple treatments are required, they are conducted at 12-16 day intervals. After footbathing the sheep must be stood on a clean dry area for at least 15 minutes.

As the Active ingredients of Radicate do not strip during repeated treatments, any remaining footbath mixture should be allowed to settle before storage. This solution can be re-used for further treatments thus reducing the amount of additional product required.

Efficacy studies on the product were conducted as part of the national registration process from 6 Farms in the endemic Southern NSW area. On each property trial mobs of 250 sheep were divided into two groups – treated and untreated (control). Treated sheep were run on the same pastures as the untreated, for the duration of the trial. In summary up to a 94% cure rate was achieved for the Radicate treated group during the spread period, even while running with an untreated control mob with up to 99% infection. During the non-spread trials, up to 97% cure rates were achieved in four weeks – from a mob comprising 100% infected sheep, with one paring and two treatments.

Radicate is available through all stock and station agents. Each farm can receive a free phone consultation with a qualified Radicate Field Adviser to discuss their particular disease situation and their tailored Radicate treatment program. Follow up advice during and after the treatment program is also included in this service.

Milton Colburt a Director for Radicate concluded RADICATE not only cures footrot it eradicates it completly from your flock for less than $1 per head” The results currently being achieved across the nation, confirm that Radicate is effective in the treatment of all strains of footrot in sheep during both the spread and the non-spread periods. Its efficacy is such that it has the advantage of being able to commence a Footrot eradication program even during the spread period. Radicate’s advantage of offering two weeks protection adds to the product’s ability to eradicate the disease during a single season.”

For further information on Radicate please phone Radicate direct on 1300 856 563.