RADICATE sheep footrot solution | Footrot Cure | Footrot Treatment
RADICATE sheep footrot solution.
We are a proud Australian company and fully Australian made.

Would tell me if you had TINEA

“Would You Tell Me If You Had Tinea, Didn’t Think So”

Footrot in sheep is a bit like Tinea in humans.  No-one talks about it, no-one admits they have it until they see the Doctor/Veterinarian to officially diagnose it.

RADICATE is a concentrated footrot solution for the control of spread, treatment and progressive eradication of all strains of footrot in sheep.

Trials of the product in 1993 and the last 20 years of use, have proven that RADICATE works.  Thousands of Aussie farmers have benefited from using RADICATE, many have proven that using the product can add valuable kilos to their stock for sale or additional kilograms of fleece weight.

We are a proud Australian company and fully Australian made.

For farmers who want to ensure they don’t have footrot, have recently bought a mob and want to treat straight away or mix sheep with goats/cattle with footrot we suggest prevention is better than cure, a cheap insurance.  We have no obligation to report sales to anyone.

RRP is $500 (plus GST and freight) per 10lt drum,  RADICATE treatment cost is an average of 50 cents per sheep per treatment – plus the initial charge of the footbath minus any recovered solution.  However, treatment cost may vary from 30 cents to 50 cents per sheep depending on the footbath system used.

These calculations are based on a price of $500 plus Freight plus GST per 10 litre container of RADICATE footrot solution concentrate at the average usage rate of 8 to 10 sheep per litre of treatment strength solution.

Please send us your details, post on our Facebook page, order on our website www.radicate.com.au  or call 1300 856 563 to speak to our on call Field Advisor.  We know Aussie Farmers are doing it tough and we are hoping we can help.

Note RADICATE is available through most Stock and Station Agents or direct from Radicate.com.au , your proud Australian company.

This is a once in a lifetime offer.  Hopefully to help Australian Farmers get over a once in a lifetime Drought.

For further information on Radicate please phone Radicate direct on 1300 856 563.