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RADICATE sheep footrot solution.
We are a proud Australian company and fully Australian made.

The Product

Radicate is a concentrated solution in 10 litre drum. One part Radicate is mixed with ten parts water to create a treatment strength solution that has no evident odour and mixes readily. The initial charge for a footbath will require 44 litres of treatment strength solution per square metre of footbath.

The number of treated sheep per litre of working strength solution will vary between 8 and 10, depending on the footbath system used. However, an average of 90 sheep per litre is easily achievable. After initial charging, a 10 litre container of Radicate will treat approximately 1000 sheep.

Radicate is best used in concrete, plastic or fiberglass footbaths. As Radicate is corrosive, it is NOT recommended for use in metal footbaths.

Any wool discoloration which may occur is temporary and will scour out naturally in 6 to 8 weeks and in accordance with the Australian Wool Scouring Standard AS4054-1992. With Radicate no withholding period is required.

In Brief

RADICATE is an approved treatment method with NSW Agriculture

RADICATE is an approved treatment method with Agriculture Victoria

Radicate SDS 2019