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RADICATE sheep footrot solution.
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Footrot Season Looming

Following the early rains of Spring and this years bumper harvest the scene is set for a big footrot season, creating ideal conditions for the spread of footrot. During the Spread period only one infected sheep, under ideal conditions can lead to a wide infection in the mob in less than a week

Mr Rob Powell, a footrot contractor based in Hamilton Victoria stated ” With the significant rainfall that certain parts of the state have experienced recently, I am sure that this spring will offer a long and active Footrot Spread Period. A Spread Period usually commences following early spring rains and a rise in temperature. It can continue for up to 3 to 4 months, sometimes well into early summer.”

Mr Powell added “If a farm experiences a Spread Period footrot outbreak, it is essential to treat as soon as the infection is detected. This is because it is easier to cure if caught early as the lesions are less advanced, you do not have as many sheep infected and you do not experience the associated production losses of living with the disease for the entire season.”

Mr Powell explained “Radicate, a specially formulated, patented footbath concentrate solution for the effective treatment and progressive eradication of all strains of footrot in sheep – Benign (scald), Intermediate and Virulent – is an ideal tool for the treatment of footrot during the Spread period .”

Mr Colburt, Sales director for Radicate stated “The great, unique advantage with Radicate is that treatments offer a minimum two (2) weeks residual protection from spread, thus eliminating cross infection and re-infection. As a result, an important managerial advantage is that treated sheep can be returned to contaminated pasture, giving the farmer a greater degree of flexibility in stock management. Consequently Radicate provides the ability to commence an eradication plan even during the Spread Period.”

Mr Colburt concluded “Radicate offers flexibility by providing the ability to treat, control, cure and eradicate all strains of footrot in sheep, even during the Spread period. This eliminates the significant costs associated with living with footrot”.

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