RADICATE sheep footrot solution | Footrot Cure | Footrot Treatment
RADICATE sheep footrot solution.
We are a proud Australian company and fully Australian made.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will I ever be footrot free?
We do recommend culling the last few remaining infections after your third treatment. Ie: Trials suggest less than 1%

Q: How do I cure Footrot in my mob?
Follow the program designed by our Radicate Field Advisors and as per the directions on the Drums.

Q: Can I treat if I am in Quarantine?
You sure can, you can even put sheep back into the same paddock as there is a 14 day residual protection.

Q: Do I really have to pare – I have no time or money.
You can treat without paring and you will get good results, but you will get better results due to paring.

Q: Why does RADICATE work better than Zinc Sulphate or earlier available products of Formalim?
The formal trial results speak for themselves.

Q: Does RADICATE work on Shelley toe, cloven hoof infection, scald, hoof rot, foot abases and limping sheep?
Official trials were only conducted on Virulent and Benign strains of Footrot. Farmers have used our product for over 20 years with positive results in all these other diseases of the hoof.

Q: Has Radicate ever been know as any other name?
In its trial phase it was known as CHF 1020 or Nonpareil.

Q: Who owns the product rights to Radicate?
Radicate is owned and made in Australia. Its Patent is owned by Colburt Holdings and they are the company who undertook the trials.

Q: Will RADICATE work on Goats or Cattle?
Official trials on these animals will commence shortly.

Q: Footrot in Lambs… What should you do to protect them?
In the last 20 years Farmers have put lambs through a footbath for protection. This does not effect the lamb meat quality for sale.

Q: Happy Sheep have blue feet.
They sure do. Treated by RADICATE.

Q: Will the blue solution scour out of my wool?
Official independent testing has ensured the product meets the Australian Standard for scourable branding substances for greasy wool.

Q: Can I fully Eradicate footrot?
YES, Trials and 1000’s of happy farmers have proven RADICATE works!

Q: Do I have to notify my vet of a possible infection?
Local legislation varies so too does reporting. Please adhere to local requirements, we do not disclose to anyone who buys our product.

Q: Is RADICATE Value for Money?
Yes of course we will say it is. More importantly you can save and reuse the solution thus no wastage. It does not strip its actives or separate.